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Clinical trials have a patient recruitment problem. That's nothing new. There hasn't been a concrete solution to fix that problem, until now. We are working on being the change that the industry needs to bridge the gap with our unique patient acquisition and pre-screening technology.

Reach the untapped majority.

Most people are simply unaware of the benefits of clinical trials or even how to get involved. Our non-study-specific online advertising is running on tens of thousands of general interest websites around the clock, introducing the idea of clinical research to people when they’re not actively thinking about their condition. Once they’re registered, we contact these patients to screen them against criteria for multiple studies at once until we find the study that’s right for them.

Our unique approach complements traditional recruitment methods – and can be put to work for your study completely risk-free.

11% of research sites fail to enroll a single patient.

Nearly 40% Of the U.S. pharma budget is allocated to clinical trials.

$1,200 is the average amount spent on each enrollee failure due to poor screening practices

Helping Those in Need

CT-Line engages potential subjects through education, communication, and a genuine desire to help people in need. All of our communications with subjects are HIPAA compliant, secure, and follow strict ethical guidelines. We access patient pools through multiple streams including social media, online search, video advertising , patient advocacy groups, support forums and many other venues.

No-stress patient recruitment

Greater enrollment rates

Start recruiting as soon as possible

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Readily Available

With our unique patient acquisition and pre-screening technology, every subject we connect with sponsors is prepped and ready to enroll. In fact, we are so confident in our methods that sponsors don’t pay until subjects enroll. This is how we overcome lab and site burden for our sponsors and save them time and money.

How much time will our strategies really save?

Most trials will save a minimum of 6-12 months on enrollment alone, but we ask our sponsors to look past the huge savings on LPI and instead think about LPO as well. We ask that you put us to test. CT-Line recruits have a higher completion rate compared to traditional recruits and even compared to other digital vendors.

Where are these subject referrals coming from?

CT-Line uses a wide net funnel system including website advertising, search engine optimization, social media campaigns, influencer recruitment, and much more to tap into subjects who aren’t even aware that a clinical trial may be available to them.

Try our risk-free assessment.

With your protocol information, we’ll use real-world data to compile a complete and accurate assessment of how many qualified patients we can reach.

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